“No country safe from censorship power,” denounces the IAPA

The 71st General Assembly of the Inter American Press Association (IAPA), which gathered more than 300 media executives and journalists in October 2015, has concluded that soft censorship practices are more widesspead than ever in the region.

The conclusions highlight the proliferation of laws, initiatives, and pressures from governments attempting to control the free flow of information both in the traditional media and on new media platforms; trestrictions on access to public information; the discriminatory placement of government advertising; and greater concentration of media outlets in the hands of those with ties to governments, as some of the problems that sounded most loudly by the publishers gathered.

No country in the Americas is safe from the wave of censorship that is spreading like a massive oil spill, according to the conclusions. This is true even in countries that have traditionally upheld press freedom, in some cases under the paradoxical pretext of promoting pluralism, of ensuring the “right to forget,” or of stopping “hate speech”, the publishers have added.


Read more: Conclusions of the 71th General Assembly of the IAPA (2-6 October 2015): http://www.sipiapa.org/en/no-country-safe-from-the-censorship-power-concludes-the-iapa/

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